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This week I've been quenching my thirst for all things grey. 
It may be summer but I can't help but love tha' monochrome. 

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Happy Thursday!




You may have tried out every diet under the sun and nothing has worked.
Statistically 95% of people who diet fail.

Ever wondered why?

Ask yourself why you do things in life, the answers will be of two things:
-Because it makes me happy.
-Because it makes me unhappy.

 I believe that before anyone starts a new diet or wants to change something in their lives for good,
they should first change the way they think and go on a mind diet.

Without a clear mind you are just setting yourself up for failure because as soon as one hurdle comes along, you'll shut down and give up.

I, like thousands of people around the world have been depressed about one thing or another,
I'd sit around and cry and generally feel sorry for myself saying:
"I hate my life"

But I didn't / don't hate my life.. not all of it at least, just the parts that make me unhappy.

I recently started to think more positively and my life changed in so many ways, I no longer hated my life 
and even said -
 "I LOVE my life!" 
Something I would have never have said before.

I stayed happy for 37 days and had the best 37 days of my life.
But like most dieters I failed on day 38, I let somebody else's negative thought get in the way of my happiness. I allowed their thought to drag me back down to my unhappy state and I began to hate life again.

 This "positive diet" won't undo a lifetime of unhappiness, but it can arm you with techniques to help you get out of those darker days to feel happier, feel at peace with yourself and feel healthier from the inside, out. 

Through positive thinking I got myself out of the unhappy state and I'm ready to start day 1 again.

Over the next 7 days you will need to talk to yourself religiously.

Words such as:

"I can't"
"I hate"

must disappear from your vocabulary.

You must stay strong and don't give in.

Start your day as you mean to go on, as soon as you wake up - smile.
You have so much to be happy about, think about all the things that make you smile.
Find the things that make you smile the most and stick them up where you can see them every morning.

For me it's pictures of my siblings, my friends, my family, my boyfriend, 
images from my pinterest boards 
and a ribbon from the prettiest bouquet of flowers I've ever received that 
made happier than I've ever felt.

You have so much to be grateful for, even though you may not see it that way at times.
Write down everything you are grateful for in your life and each day keep adding to that list.

I am grateful for my health, my family and friends, my boyfriend, my job, my pets, my bed, my home, my sight, my happiness, being warm, having food to eat and water to drink, having a good education, being around positive people....

On the bus? On your lunch break? Bored?

Instead of going on your phone and scrolling through facebook for half an hour, take a walk in the park, or sit out side, or stare out of the window and allow your self to day dream.

Think about what you want out of life, what truly makes you happy then allow yourself to slip into a day dream, clearing your mind of any negativity. 

I like to day dream when I'm in the queue at the post office, I think about the things I want to do in my life, new things I want to try and I instantly feel happier and more motivated.

Doing something good for someone else, 
(Committing a selfless act)
can do amazing things for your happiness.

This can be anything from helping someone with their shopping, doing someone a favour or even just saying a few nice words to someone who's feeling a bit down. 
Passing on your positive energy will only ever create more positive energy, 
making someone smile will make you smile. 

It's contagious. 

From time to time you will get that bad thought wiggling its way  into your mind,
it's ok, nobody is happy 100% of the time.

Try to replace those bad thoughts with good as soon as you think them.

I'm having such a bad day, nothing is going right for me.. I hate my life
Actually, I made somebody smile today and that made me feel amazing, I'm just having a bad day.. not a bad life.

Make yourself a wish list, this can be material or just things you'd like to achieve in life.
I personally love making wish lists as they remind me that I have so much to look forward too
and I feel happy and more positive when I get to cross one off. 

The more you involve these steps into your daily life the more you will feel positive and in turn become a more positive person. If you feel like your having a really bad day / week, or if someone pushes their negativity on you, just remember that this is just one small speed bump on your road to happiness.

Remember when you feel positive you free your mind to achieve new things,
so if you want something go get it!

That new body, it's yours!
New job? Go get it!
A happier life.. You know how to achieve it.




This week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing
Rosie Fowlers graduate collection.
Beautiful floaty fabrics paired with beautifully crafted neoprene jackets.

 Daniella Schutze

Rosie Fowler
Instagram : @Rosie.x.designs




Hello hello!

Hope you've had an amazing day and said YES to at least one new thing :)

Today I want to share with you the amazinggg world of infused water.

You may have already seen these flying about on instagram, it is the future!

I've been drinking infused water for about 3 months now and I am hooked!!

The benefits are crazy, I've always had bad break outs and hard lumps under my skin purely from a poor diet and drinking carbonated drinks and sugary juices all day.

I started adding lemon slices to my water then got a bit adventurous.

These are a few of my favourite recipes:

 Water + Green tea with peppermint + Lemon

Water + Green tea with peppermint + Cucumber

Water + Green tea with peppermint + Lemon + Lime

** Tip ** 
Don't add too much lemon, or you will burn your throat like I did, ouch!

Water + Cucumber + Strawberry

Water + Strawberry

Water +Strawberry + Raspberry

** Tip **

You may want to filter your water after infusing the raspberry 
over night as the seeds are not good when you're thirsty.

Water + Lemon + Lime + Orange

Water + Strawberry + Blueberry

Water + Apple + Blueberry

Water + Blackberry

Water + Apple + Blackberry

Water + Pineapple

Water + Lemon + Ginger

Water + Watermelon + Cucumber

Water + Rosemary

Water + Cranberry + Lime

Water + Grape

Water + Vanilla + Strawberry

Water + Peach

Water + Peach + Strawberry

I like to infuse my water over night in this tall bottle I bought from Tesco for £10.
However any water bottle  / jug will work just as well, it just looks pretty in this! hehe.