Find ways to relieve stress. 
Taking time out for you, relaxing your mind.

Give your brain a workout.
From crosswords to knitting all great for fighting memory loss diseases.

Explore your spiritual side.
Either through private meditation or digging deep into your religion.

And lots of it.

Furry 4 legged friend.
Everyone likes to snuggle, right?

Get moving.
As little as 30 mins a day.

Stay mindful, stay salty!

Cinnamon Tan

UK Fitness Blog



A couple of days ago a friend asked me to take some photograph him wearing some of his apparel for his website. After a gym session I headed out to meet him at our agreed location and we got some great shots. He then said to me.. "Oh, I read your blog, why aren't there any pictures of you on there?"

I was a little reluctant due to having sweaty dread locked hair and a face full of dried sweat.
I haven't been on the receiving end of a camera in so long I was feeling a little camera shy.

Never the less, here is what I wore to the gym.

Vest: Primark
Crop Top: Under Armour
Leggings: F&F (Due to not having shaved my legs! HA)
Trainers: Primark

Stay Salty!

Cinnamon Tan

UK Fitness Blog


Easy to do exercises to soothe aching bodies and soothe your soul at your desk. 

1. Shoulders and neck. - Clasp your palms together and stretch up above your head feeling your shoulders release tension. Pull your chin down to your chest and take 3 deep breaths in and out. Repeat twisting your torso from left to right. 

2. Wrists. - Place your left hand palm down. Take your right hand palm up under the fingers of your left hand. Push your fingers back slowly towards your body. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Rotate your left hand in circles releasing all tension from your wrists. Repeat the process with your right hand. 

3. Arms. - Whilst sitting straight, pull your right arm across your body. Press your left arm before your right elbow towards your chest. Stretch open and close your fingers of your right hand. You will feel the release in the top of your arm and shoulders.

4. Ankles. - Holding out your left leg under the desk, circle your ankle around 20 times clockwise then again anti-clockwise. Next, point your toe forward and stretch out all that calf tension. Repeat with your right leg. 

5. Back. - Sit up straight in your chair with both feet flat on the floor. Twist your torso around until your can reach the top corner of your chair with your opposite hand. Pull into a deep stretch. Turn your head the opposite way for a stretch down your neck. Repeat with the opposite side. 

Stay flexible. Stay Salty!

Cinnamon Tan

UK Fitness Blog



- Start your day with a sliced banana on toast or over your cereal. 
Added bonus! Bananas give your skin a dose of Vitamin B.

- Antioxidants found in berries will keep your skin looking tighter, more glowing and in some cases younger too! Pop some berries into the freezer for quick access for a skin glowing smoothie at your leisure. 

- Add extra veg to plain meals. Making a curry? Add some blended broccoli for some extra nutrients.

- Like an afternoon snack? Swap sweet treats for carrot batons and homemade hummus.

- Line your plate with leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale to get the most out of your meals.

Do you know your portion sizes?


1 Medium sized apple or banana.

7 Strawberries.

1 Medium glass of orange juice. 

1 Handful of grapes. 

3 Whole dried apricots.

7 Cherry tomatoes.


2 Broccoli spears.

8 Cauliflower florets.

3 Sticks of celery.

4 Heaped tablespoons of kale or green beans.

3 Heaped tablespoons of carrots, peas or sweetcorn. 

1 Bowl of mixed salad. 

Stay healthy. Stay Salty!

Cinnamon Tan

UK Fitness Blog